Bringing Nature Aquarium to Jordan’s Living Spaces

Isn’t it fascinating, the power that our living spaces have over our minds and hearts? Have you ever considered how much your surroundings can influence your mood, focus, and even your dreams? Let’s transform your space with our elements

Our selected brands come from renowned and specialized aquarium equipment manufacturers. all our store products have been tested and reviewd by us in person to ensure a reliable, durable, and safe performance of your aquatic systems.


Living Arts

Showcasing a range of under water landscapes, paludariums, wabi-kusa, and more.
Each project is an artwork, skillfully crafted to bring a slice of nature into your living space.


.Step into the enchanting realm of aquascaping, a creative fusion of nature and artistry. Our aquascapes are more than just aquariums; they are underwater canvases where every plant, stone, and creature comes together to form a living, breathing masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the natural world.


Biotopes are vibrant, living ecosystems that replicate the dynamic and intricate environments found in natural aquatic habitats.


Experience the fusion of land and water , where they merge in a stunning display of natural beauty. Each paludarium we craft is a miniature ecosystem.


Add a touch of tranquility to your space with a serene wabi-kusa arrangement. an art form that elegantly fuses the simplicity of terrestrial plants with the fluid grace of aquatic environments. a celebration of nature’s imperfect beauty, where each arrangement is a unique expression of balance and harmony.

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Our Journey from Passion to Profession

Aquascape Jordan was born in 2012 out of a shared love for aquascaping, and a desire to introduce the beauty of Nature Aquarium into Jordanian interior design scene. Our team of skilled artisans have over a decade of experience in aqua design and freshwater fish keeping. Over many years we have represented Jordan in multiple international aquascaping contests with honors, which gave a sense of realization, pride, and fulfilled our desire to showcase Jordanian talent at the international aquascaping scene.

Nature Aquarium Store

trusted performance

elegant design

Our selected aquatic brands and products have been tested and reviewed by us during our over 17 years journey in aquascaping and fish keeping. to ensure the best quality and design.

/ Our Services

Aqua Design and Installation

Collaborate with our expert team to bring your aquatic vision to life. From concept to completion, we offer seamless and personalized aquascaping experience.

Aqua Design and Installation

Our team collaborates with you from concept to completion, providing a seamless and personalized aquascaping experience.

Consultation and Maintenance

Benefit from our collective expertise. We offer comprehensive consultation and maintenance services to ensure your aquatic world remains vibrant and healthy.

Nano for Working Spaces

Enhance productivity promote nature and stress relief your office environment.
Nature aquarium reduces anxiety levels at your clink reception and waiting area and make each visit a memorable experience.
School will not be the same after we introduce one of our ecosystems
Biology, Chemistry, Physics it is all included.

Why Choose Aquascape Jordan?

Discover the unique value we bring to every project, ensuring artistic excellence and a harmonious blend of aesthetics and ecology.

Expert Artisans

Our team of skilled artisans have over a decade of experience in aqua design and freshwater fish keeping, ensuring each project is an artistic masterpiece.

World-Class Products

We have tested and reviewed numerous aquatic brands and products to bring the best quality and innovative solutions to Jordan’s market.

International Recognition

Representing Jordan in international aquascaping contests, we have showcased our talent and connected with the global scapers community.

Comprehensive Services

From consultation and maintenance to complete aquascape installations, we offer end-to-end services for a vibrant and thriving aquatic world.

Transform your space today

Let’s create your dream aquascape together. Contact us today for a personalized consultation.

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